Perfumes for (lifestyle) brands

It is getting more and more difficult for companies to distinguish themselves in an original way. For a lot of brands it is not anymore about the product itself. Attitude, identity, authenticity and reputation are also playing a vital role. Just like a perfume is reflecting your personality and what you want to reflect, a perfume can be an embodiment of a brand identity. Scent is bringing strong memories and emotions on the surface. By using to these characteristics of scent for the benefit of your company, you’ll have access to a cast-iron marketing tool, embodied in a fragrance(line)


The launch of a perfume is time consuming and is asking for the right expertise. There are a lot of rules and regulations attached to it. Scent Studio has in house expertise to lead this in the right direction. Scent Studio is working in close collaboration with your company during the development of the perfume, just to ensure that the perfume is matching your brand and wishes.

perfume experience

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